Gerald DeGeronimo

Gerry DeGeronimo was a member of Blue Knights Chapter II, NJ, until his transfer into Heaven I. He had joined the Club in late 1979 and was a law enforcement officer with the Bayonne, NJ Police Department. A Bayonne resident, Gerry had been sponsored into the Chapter by a former member and colleague, Danny Gray.

Gerry was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident while touring out west in Arizona during the 1981 International Convention. His unexpected and untimely demise was a sudden shock to all members as Gerry was a big man who had a big heart - he was only 22 years old at the time of his transfer.

As a tribute to his death, the Gerry DeGeronimo Fund was created by the club. The fund name was changed several years later to the Blue Knights Special Fund, available to all Blue Knights members and continues to grow in Gerry's honor.