James A. Sullivan, Jr.
May 1, 1947 - September 22, 1998

Jim was a ten year member of Blue Knights NJ II and a twenty-five year veteran of the United States Customs Service. He lived in Old Tappan, NJ with his wife, Vita, and nine year old son, David.

Jim, who was only 51 years old, seemed to be his happiest when in the company of the guys and their HOG's. He was a senior Director of the Blue Knights and was a supervisor in the Newark, NJ Customs Office where he over saw strategic investigations for the US Customs Department. He was often on loan to the Texas-Mexico border whenever extra man power was needed. He told us once that the weather was great for riding, but he wouldn't trust his bike out of his sight.

He was a friendly fellow, tall and thin and always smiling and joking and he generally brought a group of twenty or thirty friends to our BeefSteak Dinners.

Jim had many friends in the Customs Service and the Law Enforcement community and he was very bright and articulate. He received commendation's for his work on an investigation of illegal export of critical technology. He was attending a training seminar at the World Trade Center in NYC when stricken with a heart attack.

A graduate of Notre Dame University, Jim was active in the Old Tappan community and coached youth athletics. He was an avid hunter and enjoyed remodeling his home.

Jim was survived by his wife, Vita, his son, Daniel, his father James, a retired New York City Police Officer, and his mother Catherine.

He will be sorely missed. He was a good friend, a nice person and he loved his Harley.

Ride with Pride in Heaven I dear Brother.