In 2006 Blue Knights NJ 2 started the Polar Pig Winter Riding Program. The premise is simple, "its cold outside, but we still ride". The original concept was to encourage rider turnout during our weekly off-season rides. The turnout exceeded our expectations. Because of its tremendous success, it is now our offical winter riding season program and is open to all Blue Knights members regardless of Chapter. For the most part we meet at Flapjax in Wallington every Sunday at 8:30am for breakfast and we ride at 10am unless the ride calls for a change in plans.

2014-2015 Who Will Win this Season?
2013-2014 Fattest Pig (working): Mark Euler
2013-2014 Fattest Pig (retired): Artie Mortensen
2012-2013 Fattest Pig (working): Mark Euler
2012-2013 Fattest Pig (retired): Artie Mortensen

2010-2011 Fattest Pig (working): Mark Euller
2010-2011 Fattest Pig (retired): Arie Mortensen
2009-2010 Fattest Pig: Bill Reilly

2008-2009 Fattest Pig: A
rtie Mortensen

2007-2008 Fattest Pig: Artie Mortensen
2006-2007 Fattest Pig: Michael McCarthy

SNOW!!!!...Now that's Polar Pig Riding.


* The BKNJ2 Polar Pig Season shall be November, December, January and February

*8 total points are required to earn "Polar Pig" status, with at least 1 (one) point being earned in each of the four months

*1 point is awarded for each official Club ride during the season
*2 points are awarded when the temperature is below 32 degrees (freezing)

*Most points of those attaining Polar Pig status is honored with the "Fattest Pig" Award.


* Must Complete the FULL CLUB RIDE to earn the appropriate point(s) for that day

* Attendance will be logged at the start location prior to department by a Road Officers. If no Road Officer is available any Club officer is authorized to log attendence

***It is the responsibility of the individual member to ensure his attendence has been logged, do not assume the Road Officer knows your there.

Our late Captain's Favorite Winter Destination

Nice view, but where is the Dunkin Donuts?