Heaven I


While always a brother or sister in a Blue Knights Chapter, when a member passes on he or she
is placed into a special chapter known as Heaven I, where all the rides are glorious.

The following is an alphabetical list of active BKNJ II members that have taken the journey to Heaven I.

Roger Dale Aymar
December 14, 1992
Dennis J. Crowley III
September 14, 2013
Joseph E. David
March 24, 1995
Tom Dunne Sr
Jerry DeGeronimo
James Frei
Wilbert F. "Skip" Gee
October 14,1997
Edward G. Hanford
May 22, 2007
Erle J. Height
April 3, 2010
George Manuel
July 8, 2012
Michael McCarthy
March 28, 2011
Dean McDonnell
December 12, 2011

Arthur "Artie" Mortensen
June 25, 2019

Michael O'Loughlin
August 21, 2006
Bernard Poggioli
June 30, 2010
Steven F. Scheiner
October 20, 2006
James A. Sullivan
September 22, 1998
Arthur Williams
September 27, 2002
James J. Van Blarcom
December 31, 2006
James Youst

Prints of the artistic work on this page entitled "Never Alone" can be obtained from the Kansas City Metro Chapter
of the Blue Knights at http://www.kcblueknight.com